Meet The Doctor

Dr. RosenthalDr. David S. Rosenthal

  • Graduate of New York Chiropractic College.
  • Serves as the onsite staff Chiropractor for Warner Media including Turner, HBO and CNN.
  • Staff Chiropractor at King Street Rehabilitation in Rye, NY and Meadowbrook Care Center in Freeport, NY.
  • Backstage Chiropractor at various events including the The Who, Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, and various movie sets at Silvercup Studios.
  • Served as the Director of Rehabilitation at JFK Advanced Medical from 2005-2015.
  • Treated many Broadway dancers in shows “Chicago,” “A Chorus Line,” and “Grease.”
  • Lectured throughout NYC region regarding Ergonomics and Injury Prevention; Barclay’s, US Drug Enforcement Agency, CNN, and Delta Airlines.
  • Contributor to the “Winger Blog”--blog dedicated to dance professionals
  • Techniques practiced include:
    • Active Release-Upper, Lower and Spine
    • Pain Neutralization Technique
    • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
    • Flexion Distraction
    • Trigger Point Therapy
    • Craniosacral Therapy

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